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Xiao Ting goodness from Victoria Street… February 7, 2010

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Xiao Ting Box

For years I have been frequenting the myriad of restaurants in Victoria street Richmond, and always seem to find myself in the same restaurants as they are both safe and easy or look like they would be good – and often aren’t!

One of my managers at work recommended a restaurant called Xiao Ting Box to me… I will pass on the same advice to you, dear readers, that my manager did to me before we went for the first time.

  1. Do NOT go to Xiao Ting Box for the decor
  2. Do NOT go to Xiao Ting Box for marvellous service
  3. Do NOT go to Xiao Ting Box for a clean toilet…

But… the food is absolutely amazing… Some of the best Asian food I have ever tried.

Lets start at the beginning… They are BYO Wine only – which actually means Wine and Beer and anything else that includes alcohol. They also take bookings, which can be a rarity in Victoria Street.

They have AMAZING dumplings – their Shanghai Dumplings (at Xiao Ting they are called mini pork buns, and are under the extras section of the menu) – they have marvellous notes of ginger, and have a great amount of soup left inside the dumpling.

Their other dumplings are also of good quality; however they are not the best I have had in Melbourne.

Other dishes we have tried include the most amazing Ma Po Tofu – great Smokey flavour and a great soft texture.

Their Kung po chicken is phenomenal, lots of nuts, lots of heat — a warning… don’t eat the large dried chilli’s… unless you feed it to a mate you want to have a laugh with… My brother was in tears… he may have also been drunk, but we thought it was funny…

Ma Po Tofu – peppery, chilli laden, soft tofu goodness!

Other highlights of the menu are he Sichuan items, like the crab and chicken dishes, that pack a punch and are laden with pepper… but are also packed with some great and original flavours.

Kung Po Chicken

Sichuan Crab

Sweet Pumpkin Cakes

We have been about 3 times in the last month as it is cheap and cheerful, with fabulous food, just don’t expect more than orange walls, slightly oily tables, sometimes quick and sometimes slow service, but do expect amazing food. Please note that they are closed for the month of February and reopen on 2nd March.

Xiao Ting Box
371 Victoria Street
Richmond VIC 3121
Phone (03) 9428 9588


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