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Poh’s kitchen – my first impression February 10, 2010

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Now i love Poh… I wanted her to win Masterchef Australia, but i remembered that the person who comes second in many reality TV shows tends to be the more successful, and I wish her success over any monetary bonus that a TV show could buy…

I have been anxious for Poh’s kitchen to start – expecting asian cooking (and that is about it) with her great sense of style and individuality. How wrong I was… (I am watching the show for the second time on iview as we speak)

Poh’s first episode included french chef  Emmanuel Mollois cooking croissant from scratch, almond croissant with poh’s experimental style of an amazing “sponge” style cake with oil and coconut milk!!!

The cake looked amazing! The only downside of the show – i have always thought poh wore a little too much makeup.. She looked a little tranny-mess with a large amount of blush…

Whilst the formula was very “cook and the chef” with small interludes and video grabs, the show was engaging and gave a strong sense of what makes Poh tick… Her sense of history, with her sense of her own.. I will be at home at 6:30pm every Wednesday sitting with anticipation to see what she pulls out next in her quest for her own special sense of fusion food… Poh is imaginary and definately presents difference to our growing Food TV Scene… I cannot wait for her cookbooks!

If you want to see the recipes, and want to know more, check out the website for Poh’s kitchen at


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