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Here comes the rain again… February 11, 2010

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I must say that I am very happy with the rain in Melbourne tonight, and I thought it was time for my next international destination, England, in respect to the wetness outside.

While there were some meals I wanted to take photo’s of and couldn’t (lunch at the house of lords for one – it wasn’t marvellous, but being in the same room as some very important, slight effeminate bishop from the church of England, surrounded by lords (I am related to one, and that’s how I was there, but that is another story). The food was average and quite unspectacular – but this summed up England for me.

It amazed me that London appears to be obsessed with the pre-packaged EVERYTHING! I suppose it is great for the young professional on the go to be able to stop at Marks and Spencers on his way home to pick up a vac sealed “Roast Lamb and Vegies for one” but it means that people missout on the amazing experience of food, and of cooking and, most importantly, the importance of fresh, seasonal food in their diet.

Everything I saw in my first couple of days was pre-packaged or in a bag that was sealed, suffocating the food. Don’t get me wrong – one of my favourite items was a Tesco’s Crayfish Sandwich on rye – Not crayfish like we are used to admittedly, tiny small freshwater ones from farms in Holland, but admittedly, they were delicious! Just not local.

Well… I finally decided to visit Borough market. Although on Market Kitchen on the Food Channel on Foxtel makes Borough Market look big – it isn’t. If you know the size of Queen Vic market – it’s about the size of the deli section as a whole, with maybe half the butcher’s area – but that is it…

But the food….

Roll on the photos!!!

I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the “FAGOTS” for my own use… Small English sausages dried and shrivelled like a… well… they’re sausages


Well… the cheese. Whilst there was some amazing blue, my particular favourite was this Italian man selling his cow’s milk cheese from Italy – he ages and soaks it in Merlot which gives the most beautiful little sugar-like crystals in the hard cheddar – a marvel of cheese but i would never get it through customs!

It was winter, and it was frigidly cold – mulled juices were perfect – I tried the Lemon, Ginger and ginseng – it was lovely!


I would love to have a store devoted to Bacon at the queen vic — Wild Boar Streaky with eggs every Sunday morning!




Another amazing experience I had was in the town of York. One of the original Walled cities (and I am going to include some photo’s here that are not food – please forgive me, and if you want, just skip them…)


York Minster.


Medievil aged streets are everywhere, and these building jut out making you think that after 400 years they are going to fall.

We only took a day trip to York – but i wanted to stay so much longer, it was a beautiful city – the architecture, the water, the wall, and a small pub built in the 1600’s that served a giant Yorkshire pudding with veggies (the most amazing roast potatoes I have ever had I think) including peas, your choice of Cumberland sausages (my choice and the photo) or a range of roasts of the day.

The only let down was that the Yorkshire pudding, which was about 9-10 inches across, was originally frozen and then baked for our dish, but with the gravy souping the veg and sausages, they were amazing and the ultimate stodge food!


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