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Collingwood Children’s Farm Farmers Market February 28, 2010

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I  am a strong advocate for Farmers markets, and will cause car accidents to suddenly stop on the road for a farmers market, honesty box or potato seller on the side of the road.

With quality and range decreasing in supermarkets, and the possibility of Genetic Modification in vegetables available in the supermarket, I am trying to do more and more shopping at farmers markets.

2 weeks ago we went down to Collingwood Children’s Farm Market to do some shopping, and I was particularly surprised by the sheer range of veg and meat available, as well as the number of people here supporting the farmers directly and taking advantage of fresh food.

Collingwood Farmers Market occurs every 2nd Saturday of each month from 8am. It costs a gold coin to get in, and costs $2 to park in the car park. We arrived about 8:15am and not only was the carpark almost filled, but there were people everywhere! Some of the items we wanted to buy were already sold out!

Walking in the front door was the most amazingly healthy looking fig tree, unfortunately it wasn’t yet ripe, and so I couldn’t slyly pick any!


The range of the produce available is amazing at this market… Fruit and Veg (with DIRT on it, like it should have!) with lots of heirloom varieties including French Breakfast Radishes, Gem squash, amazing zucchini’s and mixed bunches of coloured carrots and radishes!


Zucchini of all colours, sizes and even with those yummy flowers!

Gem Squash


There was even smoked garlic at the market!


This guy had amazing olive sourdough rolls

Just like carrots should be – DIRTY!

Kohl Robi – strange vegie, but i have never dared to try it yet… Apparently it is part of the cabbage family, and comes in white or purple!


.A rainbow of Radishes from Daylesford Organics

Meat stalls were also in abundance, fantastic free range pork from the King Valley as Beef and Mutton available!

I was so pleased with my haul!!!

Radishes in many colours, amazing bread, Pink fir apple potatoes, huge leeks, Beef and Olive Sausages (which were AMAZING), Mutton topside, Pork Schnitzels, and yummy cheese for us to add to risotto’s and pasta’s if it lasted that long!




I highly recommend this market and the other farmers markets around.

Check out Victorian Farmers Markets for more information about this and many other farmers markets!

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Thanks all!



2 Responses to “Collingwood Children’s Farm Farmers Market”

  1. Nina Says:

    Hi there,

    Are those photos of at the market really in at the Children’s Farmer’s Market in Collingwood? With all those trees? It really looks amazing. I am contemplating going to either the Children’s market or the Flemington Racecourse farmer’s market this weekend, have you been to both? Do you recommend one?

  2. foodiefile Says:

    It sure is Nina!! Sorry i missed your post!!! Join me on Facebook at for a more prompt response!!!! Which market did you make it to?

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