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La Luna Bistro Coldstream Hills Restaurant Express March 28, 2010

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I have already reviewed my $35.00 lunch at taxi, and now for the other restaurant I couldn’t resist for the Restaurant Express – La Luna. La Luna is easily my favourite restaurant at the moment in Melbourne, and every time I have been we have had a wonderful experience both food and service wise.

Firstly it is great to be remembered at a restaurant, and as we sat down to wait for our booking time we drank our usual glass (bottle) or Ormarine and sucked in the sun. La Luna was busy offering 3 options for both Entree, Main and Desert. As there were 3 of us we decided to have one of each dish on the Entrees and the Mains, but opted to skip desert just this once!

So onto the prize – the food… The entree choices were:

Cottechino with white bean puree, olive oil and garlic,
Smoked Salmon Salad with Apple and Horseradish cream, or
Lentil Soup (ok we opted to skip this as I eat it all through winter, and we thought that with Cottechino being on offer, we needed two of them!)

The Cottechino was amazing. I have heard Adrian talk of saving his pigs heads to make this sausage, which features a boned out pigs head with 2 pigs tongues. It was a decent single slice of sausage, served on creamy bean mash and excellent oil drizzled. I could have eaten many of these as they were so yummy and not as rich as black pudding.

The other entree we had was a Salmon Salad. On a bed of horseradish cream, this salad was out of this world! No dressing, just Salmon, julienned apple with flat leaf parsley, chives and baby capers, it was light and delicious!

Main courses on offer were:
Bull boar sausages
Lamb and pine nut filo pie, or
Gnocchi with Mushroom cream

The Bull Boar Sausages were three densely packed sausages with delicious mash, jus and a simple salad of flat leaf parsley with sweated red onion. Amazing sausages with a good kick of fennel. The Jus was very light and well clarified. These are on the usual menu, and they are far more than bangers and mash!

The Lamb pie was intensely fragrant, wrapped in icing sugar dusted filo pastry was slow cooked lamb shoulder (I think) , spinach, pine nuts and a good kick of cinnamon. It was served on Labne with coriander shoots (which I had never seen before). My fellow diners thought that the pie was a little light on flavour, however I loved it and would make it for my work lunches anytime (and I will but maybe as empanadas)

The gnocchi was my first disappointing dish I have had at La Luna. The plate contained 6 luscious soft gnocchi with a runny cream sauce, mushrooms and a truffle pecorino. I couldn’t taste the truffle (but I am also a dirty smoker) and I thought the dish needed more salt. The cream was too runny for me, and felt a little like a soup with gnocchi.. It was an ok dish, however could have been better.

The deserts included a Brulee, a Panacotta or a piece of Petit Livarot (one of my favourite cheeses) however we practised self control and left very happy.


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