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A Melbourne Foodie in Sydney – Part 2 – The Powerhouse Museum May 29, 2010

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I would not normally post a review of a visit to a museum, but as a testament to my obsession with food, I look everywhere for something that may catch my eye and make me chuckle.

The powerhouse museum has a fantastic range of Decorative Art objects, including a strong collection of Marc Newson and Alessi design. Their 1980’s exhibition bought back memories of my childhood including Cabbage Patch Dolls, Sylvania Families and even outfits of Boy George.

A few of my favourite items included marvellous pottery, as below.

Splayds! I loved splayds when I was a kid – we had 2 different sizes, but I had never seen a serving sized splayd!

And when I saw these amazing tea cosies, I thought of one of my favourite food bloggers (and knitter extraordinaire, Mardi Nowak)… I really would love one of these, and must hunt out a knitting pattern!!!



A Melbourne Foodie in Sydney – Part 1 – Chinatown

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I have long been a pessimist regarding the food scene in Sydney, however I am willing to be proven wrong. I have been told that Melbourne’s amazing strips of restaurants don’t exist in Sydney, nor does affordable food… Well, I went up wishing to prove these points wrong.

Although I was bestowed with a shocker of a cold, I was determined that nothing was going to stop me at least trying to prove these points wrong, and to visit some points of joy… I had my intentions set – to visit a Bill Granger Restaurant, Bistro Môncur, Donna Hay, and possibly Christine Manfield. Some things had to be dropped due to my snotty nose and lack of taste, so I dropped Bistro Môncur and Christine Manfield for my next visit later in the year.

I spend a lot of time trawling Chinatown in Melbourne – we are very spoilt. Sydney has a much smaller presentation in the city, however some good food could still be found… One morning I was walking through wondering what to have for breakfast at 8am in the morning, and found a Yum Cha restaurant open! Never one to turn down pork or yum cha no matter what the time – I visited and enjoyed every second…

Moist Siu Mai, Bean Curd rolls filled with prawn and mushroom, and prawn dumplings were selected, and although this was a $20 breakfast, it filled me for the rest of my day wondering the streets of the city…


Another great area was a food court across the light rail from Chinatown in “Market City” – this is above Paddy’s market – a vile tourist experience like Sundays at the Queen Victoria Market. The food court has some great little noodle houses offering a wide range of food that reminds me of the food court that used to be in the basement of the Welcome Stranger hotel in the city in Melbourne. I will definitely be visiting here next time I visit!!!


Book Bargain!!! Shephanie Alexanders a Kitchen Garden Companion for the Cheapest Price I have seen! May 16, 2010

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I love Stephanie, from years ago when I worked with her at Richmond Hill to her endeavours to encourage kids to cook of now…

I found online today her newest book at a Bargain price! Its only $48.80 including postage. I love the Bagdad Eggs from this book, I had been trying to replicate it for years!!!

You can find the book here at Book Depository:

Kitchen Garden Companion at Book Depository


I am back with a vengence! the Showgrounds Farmers Market – a Baby Barossa!

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Hello All! I know I have been away for a while, and I apologise, but the feedback from you all asking where I am has been appreciated!!! I have been busy with a promotion at work and a bit of illness, but I am back and blazing now!!!

Ok, lets get started with a Farmers Market review! The Showgrounds Farmers market started only about a month ago now, and reminds me of the Barossa farmers market , or at least where it started from.

Aside from being a little difficult to find due to lack of signage, the market is held in and around the Federation Hall at the Melbourne showground every Sunday from 9am until 1pm.

The first stall we came to had the largest Rhubarb I have ever seen in my life – stalks almost a metre long and we had trouble getting the bunch into our trolley! Other large items included perfect button squash and leeks as well as great onions. Our trolley was almost filled with only $25.00 paid!


Next was a shop selling pine mushrooms – harvested wild mushrooms, that even provided a taste of lightly sautéed mushrooms. They tasted of the forest, with a hint of pine/herb taste, and would be perfect with thyme or dill. We are having them for dinner with leek and parsley! They were big and colourful and only $6.00 a tray, or 2 for $10.00

Although this market is not a large one, it has great potential and has some of my favourite farmers market regulars – Meredith Dairy.

Selling the usual fare of goats and sheeps milk cheese, next door is the sellers daughter with the most amazing tarts made with the Meredith product (apparently people were asking what they could do with the cheese!). We purchased our usual stock of young goats curd, and a large bucket of Fetta offcuts – although they only had sheeps fetta offcuts left.




Organic apples and pears were plentiful, with citrus specialists alongside organic sellers. A baker was selling, and a gentleman I had not met before. His bread is traditional and homely… The Semolina Scrolls (with plump raisins, semlolina and sweet pastry) were amazing for our breakfast, and we left with my favourite loaf of the moment, a spelt sourdough. His bread looked amazing, with olive loaves, sourdough, rye… I will be trying more of this!

Other favourites were King Valley Pork (I have featured them before on my Collingwood childrens farm market page) and a REALLY good coffee cart – something important on a Sunday morning.

I encourage everyone to support this fabulous market – its on EVERY Sunday and will grow as it becomes more popular. I spoke with the organiser regarding the lack of signage and she has been having some trouble with the City of Melbourne, which is a shame, but if we all support the market, maybe the council will finally realise that markets are the way of the future, as well as the past!

Entry is free, and the market is situated up the back of the showgrounds, near the entrance to Flemington Racecourse’s Grandstand.

Federation Hall – Melbourne Showgrounds,
Access from Leonards Cres off Langs Rd,
Ascot Vale, Melbourne, Victoria