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A Melbourne Foodie in Sydney – Part 1 – Chinatown May 29, 2010

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I have long been a pessimist regarding the food scene in Sydney, however I am willing to be proven wrong. I have been told that Melbourne’s amazing strips of restaurants don’t exist in Sydney, nor does affordable food… Well, I went up wishing to prove these points wrong.

Although I was bestowed with a shocker of a cold, I was determined that nothing was going to stop me at least trying to prove these points wrong, and to visit some points of joy… I had my intentions set – to visit a Bill Granger Restaurant, Bistro Môncur, Donna Hay, and possibly Christine Manfield. Some things had to be dropped due to my snotty nose and lack of taste, so I dropped Bistro Môncur and Christine Manfield for my next visit later in the year.

I spend a lot of time trawling Chinatown in Melbourne – we are very spoilt. Sydney has a much smaller presentation in the city, however some good food could still be found… One morning I was walking through wondering what to have for breakfast at 8am in the morning, and found a Yum Cha restaurant open! Never one to turn down pork or yum cha no matter what the time – I visited and enjoyed every second…

Moist Siu Mai, Bean Curd rolls filled with prawn and mushroom, and prawn dumplings were selected, and although this was a $20 breakfast, it filled me for the rest of my day wondering the streets of the city…


Another great area was a food court across the light rail from Chinatown in “Market City” – this is above Paddy’s market – a vile tourist experience like Sundays at the Queen Victoria Market. The food court has some great little noodle houses offering a wide range of food that reminds me of the food court that used to be in the basement of the Welcome Stranger hotel in the city in Melbourne. I will definitely be visiting here next time I visit!!!


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