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Adelaide Central Market – A must see in Adelaide… September 11, 2010

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I love Adelaide central market and it was a saving grace when I was in Adelaide for work for almost 2 months last year…
The small goods are amazing and the freshness of the produce unfortunately is better than here in Melbourne (at least at the Queen Vic Market)

Situated in Gouger street in Central Adelaide (I would call is the Central Business District – but it is hardly bigger than Ballarat) Chinatown borders one side, and the main Coles store on the other.

A rather large market, it is a major tourist grab for Adelaide with regular tours being held. Check out for further details!

There were a few things I was extremely impressed to see…

Pomello’s – fantastic for Vietnamese salads

Kangaroo island Scallops in their full shell with Roe and all – and for a bargain of $11.90 a kilo, if I wasn’t staying in a hotel I would have bought plenty!

I love baby vegetables, and Baby Asparagus would be so sweet and delicate…

Smoked Duck Marylands – I love duck and was so impressed to see I could get so many small goods at the market from Frisk to Duck Marylands to Kassler chops – a chop of ham got me far too excited for my own good…

My favourite store by far is the Mushroom Man’s Mushroom Shop. The fact that the market can sustain a specific shop for just mushrooms is fairly impressive, but not only do they have Mushrooms, but they even stocked Chanterelle’s and  Truffles!

I bought a French summer truffle – Soft and delicate in flavour, and only $1000.00 a kilo. The Tasmanian truffles – stronger in flavour and taste, but also 3 times the price were also available and were regarded to be a better truffle (funny that with the price)

My other favourite shop was Jagger Fine Foods – They stock over 10 different stocks alone from Vegetable to Fish to Veal stock, alongside Careme Pastry and Maggie Beer Ice-cream

A MUST SEE in Adelaide! To get a real feel for the market – see my video below!


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