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I am a cookbook whore. I will readily admit it, but cookbooks are so expensive! February 27, 2010

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I am going to share a secret with you all – as much as it is easy to go down to Borders or your local independent bookstore, you may be paying more than twice you could find on the internet! So i am going to share a weekly update with you all of where the best bargains are.

I check weekly for the best deals, specials of cookbooks that have, or are about to be released so i can afford to buy more!!

An example for you all.

The Bourke Street Bakery cookbook I reviewed for you all a couple of weeks ago is priced at $72.95. Although you may be able to also buy it for $69.95 at other book stores.

If you currently ordered it from it would cost ₤12.50! As it is a new release in the uk, it is 50% off! Without postage, but with our strong exchange rate it would cost only $22.00 plus postage! And if you buy a few, the postage isn’t all that much! Even if you just got that book, it would be likely only about $35.00, and last time I ordered on Thursday, and my books arrived on the following Monday!

So, What I will now do is list off some of my favourite items at the moment that I have recently bought, but also my wish list.

  • River Cottage Everyday
  • I love Hugh from River Cottage, I have all of his DVD’s as well as most of his cookbooks. This new edition is a lovely read with some fantastic salads, easy meals, and some beautiful photography. Not as academic as some of his other books, but a lovely easy read.. If and when it is available here in Australia it would be about $65.00. Just click on the book and snatch it for only ₤12.50!

    • James Martin France (DVD)

    I heart France. Last year i watched the season “James Martin’s Brittany” and missed a few episodes… I was gutted as i wish I had the money to be able to travel and move to France at the best of times. This 3 DVD set was a Christmas edition with recipe cards and features his seasons “Brittany” and also “Champagne”. A great price at ₤12.99 reduced from ₤25.99! 50% off and the DVDs are region 0, not region 2! Note, this is a fun journey, but isn’t brilliantly produced – it feels real and normal! Click the cover to see more.

    • The Fat Duck Cookbook

    A beautiful book of gastro porn… This book is magnificent and amazing to perve at, even if you would never ever cook anything out of it, the technique, the photo’s, the food, all is amazing!

    Here in Australia it is rabidly expensive to buy. The normal edition is $102.95 and the “Big” edition is $395!! But fear no more – you can have your gastro porn cheaper! The Fat duck is priced at a modest ₤24.50 (AUD$42 approx) and the “Big” edition is ₤90.66 (approx AUD$154.00)!! Follow the links by clicking the books!

    1. A new release – the new Gordon Ramsay – Gordon’s Escape!

    I got this last week and sat there reading the book with urges to cook every single dish in the book! It features 100 recipes from Gordon Ramsay’s trip to India that was screened in the UK last month (I have seen it, and I actually loved it, although generally Gordon Ramsay generally pisses me off.. i can find him irritating.) The photos in this book are amazing, as are the recipes… Below find the link for both the book, and the DVD set of the series as released in the UK. When the book is released, it has a RRP in Australia of $65.00, but buy it now from the UK for only ₤12.49!

    1. Last one for this batch – A new Jamie Oliver!!

    In his latest edition “Jamie does…”, Jamie Oliver explores Marrakesh, Athens, Venice, Andalucia, Stockholm and the Midi Pyrenees region of France… I love his books for everyday meals and options, and this book is a pre-order… Delivery would be on 15th April, however it only costs ₤16.12 at the moment, and receive it 2 days after release!

    If there is anything you are ever seeking, and want some help, send me an email at > and I will see if I can help you out!!!

    Happy cooking and reading all, and if you want, check out my store at amazon of my picks at Foodiefile’s picks!