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Memories of a colder climate… February 8, 2010

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I live in a house without air conditioning… a frightful experience in high summer in Melbourne… and I am a winter kid.. i love my gloves, i love my scarves, i love my jumpers, and due to my love of food, i like to cover my hair ridden body as much as i can…

The heat in Melbourne is causing me to dream of a time when i was in a colder climate – January last year i spent a week in cold, frost ridden paris – a marvelous experience that I would live in 5 seconds again…

So, i decided to share some food from Paris… No generic sights of Paris, no Eiffel tower, No Louvre, just fantastic food, and note – none of these photo’s have been adjusted – the Colours are natural, and it makes me realise that fresh food here in Australia is either less ridden in chemicals, or just not as good!

Please ignore the cowering Australian lady in the foreground, this street market was just around the corner from the Arc Du Triomphe – not on the usual tourist trail (there was a big fist fight on the train on the way here, to which the cowering Australian lady in the foreground was a little un-trusting of where this “experimental” tourist was taking her, but worth EVERY second…. and you will see why…

I don’t think i have ever seen Rotisserie chooks out in the street before – the smell was…. alluring to say the least…

Clementine’s became my new favorite fruit… how could they not when they are so beautifully wrapped individually… not to mention they taste AMAZING!!! They are a member of the mandarin family, but are a little more like an orange, are intensely sweet and pip-less… i wish i could get them here….. am trying to source a tree so i can grow my own!!

If you think these scallops look three times larger than those available here in Australia, you would be correct!

A little bit of HOOF anyone?

Freshly made Paella – amazing looking AND smelling

The prawns at the back were about 5 times the size of the biggest Aussie prawns i have seen… and that many Sea Urchins!

Not just oysters, but a choice of 4 varieties…

One of my favourite dishes is either Terrine or Pate en Crout. Nothing here disappointed!




There was the most amazing array of bakers, cheese shops and grocers, and EVERYTHING not only looked rabidly expensive, but as fresh as fresh… and despite what Australian bakers tell you – French baguette’s taste SO much better!

The strangest looking Zuchinni / Courgette’s i have ever seen!



and now onto some shopping porn… I really want to watch Trish Deseine’s “Trish’s Paris Kitchen” again just to get puddles about the shops in Paris… well here are some…

Oh the chocolate, and I am not normally a fan of pink, but THE PINK!!! This is Fauchon – one of the most exclusive and expensive food shops in Paris… you can visit them too at




I must admit i did buy some things from Fauchon – the most incredible Wasabi Moutarde, and some phenomonal Duck Liver Pate – i still have one tiny tin left, and am savouring it for a special occasion…


If you think these meringue’s look like the size of a small cat – you would be correct!


I miss the food of Paris, and I am sure that provincial france is even better, but its a matter of saving pennies – France was one of the most expensive places I have ever been – Even a flat white was costing AUD$9.00 while we were there!

But I recommend to anyone to visit – it was an amazing experience – and the coffee (versus London and Ireland) was bloody marvelous… Keep tunes for London and England next…..